Would You Pay $350 For Gold-Plated Turd?

When you type on google gold plated turd, the first thing come out is faceook page: Donald Trump Is A Gold Plated Turd. But, we’re not talking about that thing, but about some kind of sculpture in a form of turd. They consider it as the world’s most perfect gold-plated turd. This useless thing is called the “Archimedean Turd” and there’s even the formula which shows its perfect geometry:

Gold-Plated Turd

The turds’ geometry is based on the combination of an Archimedean spiral (r = a + bθ) and the Golden Ratio / Phi in triangles (a = 1, b = √φ, c = φ). The latter proportion is found in Egyptian Pyramids. This is very important if you ask me. Oh my God. This bizzare object comes in 18K plated gold for a mere $350. If you think this is too expensive, you can get more affordable turd in matte charcoal or glossy black porcelain version for only $20.

Gold-Plated Turd

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