Porsche Tower – In This Building Owners Park Their Cars Directly To The Apartment

The owners of ‘sinful’ expensive apartments in the skyscraper Porsche Tower in Miami, have a “garage” on any floor. So their ”pets” can live with them. In the Miami was recently completed luxury Porsche Tower skyscraper, which has sixty floors. The whole story would not be top news, that millionaires can not park theirs car directly to their apartment. Future tenants of the tower, do not have to worry about parking spaces, or to park in the underground garage. In addition to traditional elevators, the building is equipped with a elevators for cars.

Porsche Tower

The driver needs only to park his car on a specific platform, choose the number of apartment, and the car will be transported effectively into the garage (pardon, room for a car). The whole story is even more interesting. At the largest penthouses, one owner can park more cars, if he has a collection of favorite Porsche models. One penthouse is equipped with a place for eleven cars. Such a “flat” cost about $ 32 Million, and a price foor most of the other 132 apartments, starts at $ 5 Million. Of course you can buy an apartment, no matter what car you drive, brand or color.

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