Only For The Brave: Paris Has New Tourist Attraction

Paris has a new attraction – giant zip line that leads straight from the Eiffel Tower and that offers almost surreal view. This zip line was made in the context of the promotion of the French Open, and its creator is bottled water vendor Perrier. To enjoy this tourists must first climb the Eiffel Tower, then will be suspended 115m from the ground before landing in the Champs de Mars, next to the Perrier Village where spectators will be able to follow tennis matches on a big screen throughout the week. They reach speeds of 90 km/h.

Paris Tourist Attraction

However, this is not an ordinary cable car, but you get the impression that almost float in the air wrapped only with ropes and helmet. You need to be brave for this kind of adrenaline “sport”. This attraction will last only six days, from 05 June to 11 June.

Paris Tourist Attraction

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