Micro Wingback – New Tom Dixon Design

Do you remember Wingback Armchairs, which is the work of this famous designer? If your answer is confirmed and if you really know how to appreciate its specific aesthetics, it will delight you that it is now available in new versions. Wingback armchair now has a new, impeccable upholstery that will ideally fit with its contours and lines, which make it elegant, sophisticated and impressive in every possible environment. The new upholstery can be fully customized to your liking and style, and you can personalize the look of the legs of this famous armchair.

Micro Wingback

Otherwise, it was first introduced as one of several archetypal British armchairs, created for the famous Shoreditch House Members Club in London. Its extreme proportions of wings and extravagant dimensions give you the opportunity to sit comfortably back and forth from the rest of the room. Thanks to its enchanting features, the Wingback Armchair is a frequent choice of designers and architects who want to create a space that is everything but no ordinary. Today, Wingback family of furniture consists of armchairs, chairs, dining chairs, ottomans and sofas, and each created piece has a unique and striking aesthetic that long after the first look remains in memory.

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