Russia’s Largest Diamond Ever

A reputable Russian miner Alrosa announced last night that he plans to sell his diamond collection, including a giant stone of 51.38 carats … This huge gemstone has a diameter of 2.5 cm. A state-controlled mining company claims that this can be the most extravagant diamond in the Russian region due to its incredible quality. For almost a year and a half, the company’s specialists worked to create five polished diamonds for this collection of a 179-carat rough diamond that was extracted from one of their mines two years ago.

Alrosa Dynasty

Dedicated to Emperor Peter the Great, who inspired it, this gemstone collection is appropriately named Dynasty. “There is a very good reason to choose the name for this collection, which is related to the company’s aspirations to revive traditions and remembering the famous Russian jewelers that have been famous for their art, since the first gemstone factory founded by Peter I at the beginning of the eighteenth century,” the company said.

Alrosa Dynasty

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