True Enjoyment On The Shores Of Lake Maggiore

Situated on the shores of the beautiful Lake Maggiore, Giardino Ascona is a place that will instantly hypnotize you with its beautiful and tranquil location … Situated near the small village, this hotel is covered with climbing grass that will give you the opportunity to distance yourself from everything that fuels you, in a very idyllic and picturesque setting, with the dominant Alps in the background. If you like to play golf or boating on a lake, both of these activities are available to you, just like the incredible gardens of this hotel filled with modern art sculptures and fountains. If you are a more active type, then you can enjoy the beauty of this place by exploring it by riding a bike while the Golf Club Patriziale Ascona, one of the prettiest in Europe, is ready to wait for you.

Giardino Ascona

Before you complete your vacation, you must visit the spa center of the hotel, where you can relax in the sauna that offers light therapy. There is also an emerald steam bath, as well as a sauna with vegetable oils. Your gastronomic experience here will be really unforgettable, because you will try some of the finest meals in a restaurant with two Michelin stars. Whatever you do or try here, you will not regret.

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