Jaguar’s Steering Wheel With Artificial Intelligence

Meet Sayer, the steering wheel of the future. Jaguar Land Rover will present its new invention at the Technology Festival at London University. Sayer is not an ordinary steering wheel. It possesses artificial intelligence, it is controlled by voice controls and is designed for vehicles with a high level of autonomy. The company JLR is thinking that people will own more than one autonomous machine, and therefore, this steering wheel will be able to be used for each of them. Sayer is also intended to be a personal assistant to its owner, so it has the option to remind people when they need to wake up to arrive at a morning meeting two hours away from home, and even predicts when a car needs to come in front of the door owner.


Also, it will not only allow the owner to drive a car, but will also advise on which route it is best to go. Its minimalist and modern design does not have a physical button and screen, but it also displays information on a scratched aluminum surface. In fact, there’s only one button on top of it, but it’s still not revealed what it’s used for. This wonderful work of art, as described by people from the company, was named after a loyal worker, designer Malcolm Sayer, who worked for the company between 1951 and 1970 and presented the ideas for this steering wheel. Sayer will be part of JLR’s “Heart Technology” exhibition at the technology festival that will be open to the public from September 8 to 10. During the festival many companies will present their technologies that will make a positive difference in the future.


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