Perfect Replica Of Bugatti Chiron’s Engine Will Cost You $9,365

A significant part of the 2.6 million euros, which costs Bugatti Chiron, is on his monumental engine. If you just want to admire the engine, you can get it significantly cheaper. To be precise, the price is $9,365. It’s about the perfect model of the Bugatti W16 engine with 1500 hp, and it’s on offer from Amalgam.

Replica Of Bugatti Chiron’s Engine

When we say the model, we mean a literally perfect engine replica, in a 1: 4 aspect ratio of 1,040 parts. Each piece is made up to the smallest detail, so it has labels and bar codes. To create a single replica, it takes about 220 hours, while the development of the replica takes up 2,500 hours.

Replica Of Bugatti Chiron’s Engine

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