Perfect Glass For All Lovers Of Cigars And Whiskey

Whiskey Wegde Corkcicle glass was created two years ago by designer Ryan Bricker and definitely took a special place in the hearts of all the whiskey lovers … This glass is twice the size of it traditionally shaped and has a beautiful form made of strong glass. It works very easily – pour water into it, insert the mold and then freeze it. Ice forms an elegant slope that will delight you to enjoy the glass of your favorite whiskey in a unique way.

Cigar Glass

This year, Ryan Bricker designed another must-have glass with the Corkcicle brand, called Cigar Glass. This modified glass is definitely very intriguing, and it’s also hand-made. It has a built-in ergonomic place for holding a cigar, and you will admit, sipping whiskey and high-quality cigars just go side by side.

Cigar Glass

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