Meteorite Pen Handcrafted With Titanium by B. Smith & Co.

Meteorite Pen

A timeless addition to any modern gentleman’s writing collection, this premium Meteorite Pens by B. Smith & Co. are designed to elegantly highlight the cosmic beauty of one of the oldest, most remarkable, and rarest objects found on earth.
Each pen will be meticulously handcrafted with high quality black titanium plated hardware featuring body and cap barrels encrusted with actual Campo del Cielo meteorite that had traveled across the cosmos, in space, for billions of years. It crashed to earth in a fireball 4,000-6,000 years ago before being discovered more than 400 years ago.

Meteorite Pen

Fountain pens will be carefully fitted with a fine point two-tone stainless steel nib manufactured in Germany by Jowo, one of the world’s largest makers of fountain pen nibs, and will include two methods of filling the ink supply– a standard cartridge and a piston converter. As with most fountain pens, the nib can be easily replaced when worn out and the converter can be refilled unlimited times with your preferred brand/color of ink. Cartridge refills can be easily purchased online or in most office supply stores.
Rollerball pens are equally beautiful yet lend themselves the added convenience for everyday use. The ink is easily and infinitely refillable using a rollerball refill, and our personal recommendation would be the Schmidt 5888 which provides for one of the smoothest writing experiences you’ll ever have. All of rollerball orders will be shipped with a Schmidt 5888 fine point black ink refill. Combinations of fine point or medium point, with black, blue, red or green ink colors can be found online or at your local office supply store.
Every order is individually handcrafted and therefore no two will be exactly alike, although they will look very similar.
B. Smith & Co.’s Meteorite pen must be pre-ordered via its Kickstarter campaign and can be yours for $449.99 – $1,099.99 only!

Meteorite Pen

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