Urwerk’s UR-210 Black Platinum

Urwerk’s UR-210 was first introduced in 2012. Now, six year later Swiss watchmaker prepared a black platinum version of this impressive timepiece – the most exclusive version under the Urwerk UR-210. The dial of the UR-210 has a power reserve indicator at 1 hour. On the other hand, at 11 o’clock a similar indication appears to have been placed, but it is an indicator that shows the efficiency of the turn over the last two hours. This complication, a world’s first calculates the energy flow and the ratio between generated energy and released energy.

Urwerk UR-210 Black Platinum

Are you comfortable, do you not move much? Then the indicator of the liquidation efficiency indicator will move inexorably to the red sector. When you are active the pointer will move to the green part so that more energy is generated than consumed. If the UR-210 shows that not enough energy is generated, the wearer can turn the voltage regulator on the back of the watch to full. The rotor then becomes sensitive to the smallest movement and converts it into energy. This makes the UR-210 a fascinating watch for people who like non-everyday timepieces full of technical possibilities, conceived in a striking design. The sturdy (53.6 x 43.8) case is made of platinum and titanium with a black DLC coating and houses the UR-7.10 caliber with a power reserve of 39 hours. Urwerk UR-210 Black Platinum is limited to 25 watches.

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