No Megapixels But Is The Most Expensive Camera Ever

A private collector from Asia bought the most expensive camera ever offered at auctions. He added to his collection a very rare “Leica 0-series” (No. 122) camera model, which was bought at a cost of incredible €2.4 million (equivalent to more than £2.1million/$2.9 million). The auction was held during the weekend in Vienna, and Andreas Kaufmann, the majority owner and president of Leica, attended the auction. The organizer of the auction, WestLicht Auction House, points out that the above-mentioned astronomical price reflects the fantastic state of the original Leica.

Leica 0-series

Only 25 of these “test” cameras were produced by Ernst Leitz in 1923, two years before the first official Leica model appeared on the market. WestLicht claims that, of the 25 mentioned copiec, for only three of them is known that they are still in their original state. This sales surpassed the previous record from 2012, which also held Leica, when the Leica 0-series (No. 116) was sold for €2.16 million.

Leica 0-series

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