Unique Calvin Klein Homewares Collection

An exclusive range of homewares products also includes two-sided pillows and a woolen blanket … Last year, Calvin Klein brand signed a four-year contract with The Andy Warhol Foundation, which allows the fashion house to use all artwork and collections of a famous artist, including his published works. Also, they can use his entire legacy in the way they wish.

Calvin Klein Homewares Collection

For its Kiss collection of underwear, the fashion brand has decided to use some of the popular pieces of this artist, inspired by an experimental film of the same name, which Andy Warhol directed, including black and white images of loving couples.

Calvin Klein Homewares Collection

Now, this partnership gave birth to another collection, which this time is dedicated to our homes, and includes a four-set for dining, which was created as a tribute to the former editor of Vanity Fair Sandra Brant and actor Dennis Hopper. The unique set of plates comes in pale yellow, red and white, and includes a plate, bowl, bowl for dessert and a cup.

Calvin Klein Homewares Collection

Also, this set is offered in the collector’s package, inspired by Warhol’s Brillo Box artwork. Other pieces from the collection are two-sided pillows, as well as blankets created by Pendleton wool. The collection is now available for ordering, and the cost of the item ranges from $200.

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