Russian Passport – Vetements’ New Bag

Fashion brand Vetements slowly but surely gets a good reputation among fashion lovers, with its interesting and sometimes funny patterns .. Are they high fashion representatives? Or do they not belong to that segment at all? Are they trying to reflect the tendencies and trends of the fashion industry in the “leisure style”? Maybe we’ll never know. Nevertheless, what we know is that this brand does not show signs of slowing down, with each collection that presents something completely fresh and ironic.

Russian Passport Bag

The new bag of this brand is designed to remind the appearance of the Russian passport. The red gold bag has ideal dimensions for day and night, and certainly attracts a lot of attention. Passports are a common topic of this brand, so we could see them earlier on slippers, sneakers and boots. The price of this bag is $ 2,105, and you can also buy slippers of the same style. Whether you like the sense of fashion of this brand or consider them too esoteric, be sure that they do not go anywhere from the fashion scene.

Russian Passport Bag

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