Oceanco Introduces Its New 90 Meter Long Yacht

Oceanco presents to us the long-awaited new yacht of 90 meters long … This is the Y717, which is ready to go into the hands of its owner. This is the first yacht in the Netherlands that has received IBS notation and designation. Created for outdoor life, this yacht has a superstructure entirely created of reflective glass, so that owners and their guests can constantly enjoy the panoramic view. The top deck is a space intended for owners, designed without passage to ensure their privacy. Instead of them, private balconies offer enjoyment in view and bring light to every room. Owners also have access to their own Jacuzzi.


“The profile has a unique sense of contrast and homogeneity between dark glass and white balconies, allowing a constant change in the shapes and lines of these two elements,” said Luis DeBasto, who designed her exterior. “My initial drawing looked like a futuristic concept, but now, it’s a real yacht whose construction is made possible by the advanced technology of the Oceanco engineering team and the vision of the owner.” DeBasto ensured that the profile of this yacht keeps a long, sporty and elegant look without a heavy superstructure. What is particularly interesting is the fact that the Y717 yacht was named Project Shark, because viewed from a bird’s eye view, it has a lot of similarities to the hammerhead shark.

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