For $150,000 You Can Have This Interior Of Bugatti Veyron


$150,000 is a pretty nice budget for buying car. This amount can provide to the average customer access to many desirable models from different segments – from sports to premium SUVs.
Unfortunately, most hypercars, at least those functional, can hardly be found in this price class, but as this ad shows on the popular eBay service, it is possible to get at least one part of it for $150,000 – in this case interior of Bugatti Veyron from 2008.

Interior Of Bugatti Veyron

It is a complete leather-coated interior, which includes seats, seat belts, steering wheel, front compartment, console and interior door panels with associated controls, in a completely new condition.

Interior Of Bugatti Veyron

The seller, the car dealer Braman Motors from Miami, even notes that the aforementioned components have never been used and that they have been kept in an air-conditioned environment in order to keep the impeccable status preserved.
Interior fits all Veyrons produced in the period from 2006 to 2015.

Interior Of Bugatti Veyron

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