Rent Kevin Costner’s Estate


Located on a 60 hectare estate near the center of Aspen, this ranch that is rented at a price of $30,000 per night belongs to Kevin Costner and is the perfect playground for all adventure lovers …
The main house measures an area of ​​about 580 square meters, and contains two bedrooms and all the modern wonders that you would expect from it.

Kevin Costner’s Estate

However, what attracts the most attention is the incredible list of benefits that expects you in the exterior.
First of all, there is baseball ground, hills that are made for sledding and a lake created for skating. This property also contains an additional lake, which is perfect for swimming during the summer and canoeing. Each lake is full of fish too, so you can fish during the whole year, and you can store your fish specialties in the open kitchen while watching the incredible sunset over the Rocky Mountains.

Kevin Costner’s Estate

There is also a cross trail, a place to organize events, three Jacuzzi and beaches with their campfire places.
Given the space that this property occupies, it would be a real detriment to have only one home, and probably for this reason it has three, so it offers enough room for thirty-four guests. As you would expect, all three houses are decorated with luxurious amenities, but we believe that you will not spend much time in them.

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