Unique 98.8 Carat Diamond Found In The Far North Of Russia


The world leader in the mining of diamonds from Russia, Alrosa, has found a diamond that weighs almost 100 carts at its location in the north-eastern region of Yakutia.
It is the second largest gemstone ever found in this area. The octahedron-shaped diamond was found in the Zapolynarnaya Kimberley line, which is part of the Verkhne-Munskoye mine. Despite the fact that it possesses several inclusions, the unbreakable diamond is transparent with a visible yellow shade.

98.8 Carat Diamond

This almost excavated miracle proves that the diamond mine in Yakutia, which is the largest investment project of Alrosa, has incredible potential. “This is the second biggest invention since the launch of this excavation last October. This gives us the opportunity to talk about the potential of this part of the world,” they said in an official statement.
The first large gemstone, weighing 52.49 carats, was found at this site last year, shortly after the official launch. At that time, the Alrosa company pledged an investment of 60 billion rubles, or $910 million, into this project by 2042.

98.8 Carat Diamond

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