Grand Seiko’s Godzilla – Homage To The King Of Monsters


New limited edition watch marks two big anniversaries…
As a homage to the sixty-fifth anniversary of the original Godzilla movie, the Grand Seiko brand introduced a new watch inspired by the famous monster.
There is no greater globally known figure from Japan than Godzilla, who first showed his power to the entire world in 1956, while the original film, which was the work of Ishirō Honda, was first introduced in Japan in 1954. In the first film, this creature destroys a clock tower in Ginza above the Wako store, which was owned by Seiko and opened only two years before the film was introduced.

Grand Seiko Godzilla

This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the famed Spring Drive mechanism, which also powers a new watch.
Spring Drive mechanism, the caliber 9R15, is known for its high resistance to shocks and temperature, with an accuracy of 0.5 seconds per day. Spring Drive was first introduced in the Grand Seiko line in 2004, and it generates its energy through a mechanically driven quartz controller rather than a balance wheel or spring, which guarantees greater precision.

Grand Seiko Godzilla

The burgundy dial of the model was given a sunray pattern, as a reflection of the fiery rays emitted through Godzilla howls, thus accentuating its legendary mechanism and 44.5 mm diameter housing, made of titanium. The strap of this model is made of shark skin, while the back of the case contains a black seal illustrated by Shinji Higuchi, director of special effects of Shin Godzilla’s 2016 film.
Limited to just 650 pieces priced at $12,500, the model will be available for purchase in November.

Grand Seiko Godzilla

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