Prince Charles’s Aston Martin On Sale


The 1994 convertible that previously belonged to the Prince of Wales will be auctioned off.
Between the constant mention in the world news and the announcement for the third season of The Crown, we will forgive you if you have the royal family in your mind. As it seems to us, any topic can somehow be related to Buckingham Palace tenants, and by all accounts, cars are no exception. The former Aston Martin model, which was owned by Prince Charles, is about to be auctioned, embodying the style of the famous brand.

Prince Charles’s Aston Martin

1994 Virage Volante model was owned by the Prince of Wales for nearly fifteen years before being returned to the manufacturer in 2008 to be displayed at the company’s headquarters. It will now be auctioned by Bonhams, with a starting price of around $ 354,000.
Considering that it was a royal vehicle for a while, the model received a lot of upgrades while being owned by the prince. Its original 5.2 liter engine has been replaced by the 6.3 liter version, which means that its maximum speed is an impressive 280 kilometers per hour.
The exterior of the car has a beautiful shade of forest green, while the interior is upholstered in cream leather and decorated with wooden accents on the dashboard and door. Smooth skin is also poured into a special barrier, where Prince Charles reportedly held sugar cubes for his polo ponies.
The relationship between the Aston Martin brand and Windsor dates back to the Duke of Edinburgh, who first approached the company in 1954 to buy a Lagonda model, which he and the Queen would use as their private vehicle. Prince William and Kate Middleton left Buckingham Palace on the day of their wedding in one of the vintage models from Prince Charles’s collection.

Prince Charles’s Aston Martin

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