Live Like James Bond For A Few Days


Would you like to enjoy the life of James Bond?
Well, let’s be honest, all the money in this world can’t buy you his looks, attitude and style, and not even Bond girls who obviously crave his qualities that money can’t buy. What we are left with is luxury, which is definitely money-responsive and enjoyable. If you would like to live as James Bond for at least a few days, know that Ian Fleming’s former villa, which is part of the GoldenEye resort in Jamaica, is available for rent.

James Bond Villa

The five-bedroom villa comes with the services of a private butler and chef, with its own pool. Guests can enjoy the Bond treatment not only in luxury celebrity villas that will delight you with their interior, but also in the services that come with it. Airbnb has listed this villa as part of its Luxe service as part of the twenty-fifth Bond movie.

James Bond Villa

If you enjoy outdoor activities, know that there is a swimming pool and a private barbecue, along with Jacuzzi and deck chairs. Each bedroom of the villa has its own private bathroom, while the media room has a TV, DVD player, Apple TV and a sound system that will delight you.
The price for one night at this villa is $7,340. But still, we all know that Bond has never agreed to cheap compromises.

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