Perfect Research Yacht Of The Famous Russian Designer

165 Viatorem

The incredibly efficient hull of 165 Viatorem yachts, gives an even longer range with optimal fuel consumption…
Every time “borderless navigation” is found in the description of a research yacht, you know that you have a real treat. This means that the ship can sail in any part of the world, at any time of the year, like the latest expeditionary concept by renowned nautical designer Max Zhivov.

165 Viatorem

This 164-foot epic cruiser, known as the 165 Viatorem, is the ultimate ship in the Russian designer’s new Neo Explorer series. Viatorem in Latin means “passenger”, and this research yacht is just that. Its efficient hull delivers an incredible range with optimum fuel consumption while promising true off-road enjoyment. 165 Viatorem model has a hybrid propulsion system and special stabilizers that make it safe and comfortable to navigate even on rough waters.

165 Viatorem

The exterior design and its nautical architecture, which are the handiwork of Zhivov and Turkish Otobot Project gurps, are at the same time sophisticated and modern. Its sleek lines have received a classic color palette, while the yacht is undeniably elegant despite its large dimensions. The yacht was made of steel hull and aluminum superstructure, but on request, it could also be made of composite materials.

165 Viatorem

On deck, passengers of this yacht can enjoy a luxurious interior complete with a spacious lounge with glass panels that let in an abundance of natural light. The boat can accommodate up to ten guests inside a proprietary suite that has its own balcony and four perfectly designed guest cabins. In addition, there is a bulky beach club with access to the pool, sun loungers and a bar. The yacht also has a heliport and tender, if you need more excitement.

165 Viatorem

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