Cyberhouse Life – Wonderful Project As Vision Of The Future


Unusual architecture has practically become something we face every day, since numerous architects and designers, with the desire to stay remembered and leave their mark on the world, create unimaginable concepts so far…
Building on his previous project, The CyberHouse, Alex Wizhevsky, chief architect at Modern House Architecture & Design, designed the CyberHouse Life project. A 1,370-square-foot concrete building is tucked into a rock above a mountain lake. Consisting of two buildings, a garage and a main villa, each piece of this project is organically scattered across the grounds to fully preserve its natural beauty.

Cyberhouse Life

Each level of the CyberHouse Life project is characterized by glazed walls, allowing all those inside to absorb the energy of a unique landscape. As the structure cascades down, interior spaces open out to the exterior with a series of terraces and floating platforms.
And while the house itself is designed for all those who enjoy life, its solid construction of monolithic concrete, steel and impenetrable glass will protect you from all external factors.

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