Park Your Yacht In Front Of Your Dream Villa


Can you imagine your life going out into the front yard of your house and boarding your luxury yacht, starting a glamorous journey around the world?
Well, by all accounts, there are people who have made it for themselves and who definitely know what the nicer side of life is. One Phuket villa with five bedrooms and a private place for parking yachts has just been put on the market, which for many of us opens the door to that more luxurious side of life.

Phuket Villa

Priced at $6.38 million, this villa is definitely a dream come true, and the fact that it is located in Thailand only adds to its appeal. As one of only six residences in the fenced complex, the villa is contemporary and visionary above all.
The Boat Lagoon environment further accentuates the architecture of the sophisticated villa, which covers an area of ​​approximately 200 square meters. The nearby marina gives the whole story an urban feel that cannot be described.

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