Ferrari 250 GTE Italian Police On Sale


Girardo & Co auction house offered for sale a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE Series II used by Italian police. According to some sources, the police car was used in Rome and served about six years before it “retired”.
Italian police used various Alfa Romeo models from the 1900s to the Giulia 1600s during the 1960s, but often found themselves simply unable to catch criminals. So when the police asked their best cop, Armando Spatafora, what he needed, he simply replied, “What could be better than Ferrari?”

Ferrari 250 GTE

Spatafora himself was pleasantly surprised to see two police Ferrari waiting in front of the police station as early as 1963. Unfortunately, one Ferrari was soon shattered, but another one with Spatafor successfully served six years, creating a legendary team that will be remembered for a long time.
Exactly that 250 GTE was the first Ferrari with 2 + 2 body truck. Designed by Pininfarina, it is powered by the renowned 3.0 liter V12 Colombo engine with 240 horsepower and a 4-speed manual transmission. Given that it offered considerable practicality with excellent performance, GTE was a great success for Ferrari.

Ferrari 250 GTE

After the police Ferrari retired, it was sent for a detailed rebuild to Maranello and was auctioned in 1972. Although it has changed several owners, it is interesting that it is the only private car in Italy that is allowed to drive in police colors and equipped with sirens.
In 2014, Ferrari Classiche created a certificate of authenticity for this police car, confirming that it still has the original chassis, engine, transmission and rear axle. Given that the car has been auctioned again after many years, it is clear that the price will not be low.

Ferrari 250 GTE

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