C-FACE Smart Mask That Can Translate Speech Into 8 Different Languages


Japanese startup, Donut Robotics has developed a face mask capable of not only protecting someone from the spread of infectious diseases like coronavirus but smart enough to translate their speech into eight different languages.
C-FACE Smart Mask fits over standard face masks, but uses a speaker to amplify a person’s voice, covert a person’s speech into text and then translate a wearer’s speech from Japanese into English, French, Indonesian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese.

C-FACE Smart Mask

The mask connects to a smartphone or tablet app via Bluetooth which then translates speech into text messages, dictates speech, and makes calls. The mask is plastic.
“We have redefined the ‘mask’ that has been protecting human health for a long time with the latest technology,” the companie’s website reads.
Masks are set to cost around $40 apiece and will start shipping out in September in Japan. The company also wants to sell in China, the U.S., and Europe.

C-FACE Smart Mask

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