Gold Skull Armchair For Supervillains With Deep Pockets

Gold Skull Armchair

Most kids grow up dreaming of becoming a super hero, but you always knew better than that. Being a supervillain has way more perks and almost no responsibility. And, if you wonder what do you need to become a an evil supervillain, here are some basic things. You get to have an evil laugh. You get to be evil. You never have to worry about anyone hurting you. And of course, the world will know you for who you really are. But, actually, there’s one more thing you need to become real villain. That’s your own throne – like this Gold Skull Armchair.

Gold Skull Armchair
Gold Skull Armchair

Designed by Harow, creators of the Black Skull Armchair, this very special edition is for supervillains with deep pockets. Entirely handmade and handrafted in Paris, France, this chair is built to look like a giant skull using reinforced fiberglass, but it’s coated in 24-karat gold. It has an internal frame that’s made of steel. What’s more, the seat, itself, is covered in luxurious black velvet. But, what’s the trick – just one of them will set you back a cool $500,000, supervillain or not.
There is also a model that is coated with a black gloss finish.

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