24kt Gold Plated iPhone4 Customized and Personalized to Your Choice

Apple iPhone 4, as its name suggests is the fourth generation of iPhones, preceded by iPhone 3GS. There are iPhone4s done up in Swarovski Crystals, African Blackwood, Animal Skin, Black Diamond, Swarovski Gold & Platinum Edition and Diamond Rose.


But if you want additional options, head over to Computer Choppers. Now, you could go ahead and get this amazing phone customized and personalized to your choice. They have just unleashed their collection of blinged out iPhone 4′s covered in Gold  and Platinum. Not only do they have these snazzy plating’s but they will also add diamonds, sapphires, as well as patterns, text or other artwork.

If solid yellow gold is not your style, you can opt for chrome, copper, black chrome, white gold, rose gold, stainless steel or platinum plated models in matte, brushed, or polished finish. You can send in your phone to be customized or Computer Choppers has their own stock of unlocked phones they will sell you.

Pricing has not been made public but I can’t imagine its very cheap but the good thing is, atleast you know what you are getting.

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Written by Arsa


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