25,000th Porsche Panamera Rolled of the Production Line

25,000th Porsche Panamera
25,000th Porsche Panamera

25,000 cars in ten months might not sound like a big number for a carmaker these days, does it? But when the carmaker in question is a niche producer like Porsche, then 25,000 units of a totally new model sold in only ten months, does deserve an respect. If we go solely by the numbers, we can say that the Porsche Panamera is preferred by car enthusiasts over the Lamborghini Gallardo. While Lamborghini rolled out its 10,000th Gallardo this June, Porsche has recently rolled out its 25,000th Porsche Panamera.

The anniversary vehicle, a ruby-red Panamera Gran Turismo in Porsche’s fourth model line, with a particularly efficient 3.6-liter six-cylinder engine (300 hp), will be delivered to a customer in the USA. Originally launched in September 2009, the Panamera has quickly become one the best selling Porsches of all time. In recent months, the hatchback displaced the Cayenne as Porsche’s most popular U.S. model.

The benchmark performance of our Panamera V6 models wins over our customers worldwide. Even in the USA, a country with a preference for V8 engines, they impress with their efficiency and sportiness. The 4-door combines these aspects with the comfort and exclusivity of the luxury class, says Porsche Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing Bernhard Maier.

25,000th Porsche Panamera
25,000th Porsche Panamera

The Panamera is built alongside the Cayenne SUV at Porsche’s plant in Leipzig, Germany, and from next year onwards the four-door sports car should appeal to an even wider audience thanks to the introduction of the new Panamera S Hybrid gasoline-electric version.

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