A New Concept Watch – Cartier ID Two

With The Cartier ID Two concept watch, Cartier setas a new milestone in the history of watchmaking


Cartier presents a breakthrough concept watch to tackle this age-old challenge for watchmakers with the Cartier ID One concept watch, the first adjustmentfree and lubrication-free timepiece. This initial achievement opened up perspectives for virtually timeless watches that could withstand shocks, temperature changes and magnetic fields with no need for maintenance.

This milestone in watch history was not a final point for Cartier’s innovation, but the first step of the ID Cartier saga dedicated to the research and development into the future of watchmaking.


The adventure continues and Cartier creates The Cartier ID Two concept watch, which extends the limits of traditional watchmaknig

Energy consumption has always been a major challenge for watchmakers. All mechanical watches have very low energy efficiency which limits their capacities. This second Cartier concept watch embodies an unprecedented potential of ideas and innovations. Efficiency optimization is the foundation of major industrial and technological progress. Until now, little attention has been given to efficiency in traditional watches as it is a fact that 75% of the energy of any single mechanical watch is wasted.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, innovative materials and technologies, the Cartier ID Two presents an energy consumption divided by two and combines a major power reserve within a standard watch case. Cartier paves the way for miniaturization, longer power reserves and unique complications, and in doing so revolutionizes the efficiency of mechanical watches with the Cartier ID Two concept watch, a truly pioneering timepiece.

Traditionaly, a mehanical watch movement requires several adjustments done by a master watchmaker. These adjusting operations are mandatory to ensure a good functioning.

The Cartier ID Two concept watch operates a genuine quantum leap forward. It is the world’s first high-efficiency wristwach.

The comparison with an automobile can be helpful to understand the importance of this challenge. If its driver doesn’t want to drive without the comfort of air conditioning and the convenience of power steering, and if he also wants to lengthen the distance, his car can travel on one tank of fuel, then he must either enlarge its fuel tank or tune his vehicle to make more efficient use of its available fuel.

To stay with this comparison: for its highly efficient Cartier ID Two concept watch, Cartier devised ways to reduce energy consumption by circa 50% compared to the amount of power used by traditional mechanical watches.

The Manufacture’s Research and Development team applied all their knowledge and skills to accomplish this extraordinary improvement. They solve problems which are old, but had never been thoroughly or logically analyzed.

The Cartier ID Two concept watch is the world’s first high-efficiency wristwatch. It includes several impressive and patent-pending innovations which meet the three major challenges addressed with this watch:

  • Store maximum energy,
  • Maximize the energy transmitted from the barrels to the oscillator,
  • Minimize consumption of the oscillator.

With the Cartier ID Two concept watch, Cartier asserts its will to act as a pioneer in futuristic time measurement. Time will never tick the same again…

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