A Revolutionary Jentle Pet Spa

MTI Baths unveiled bath for your pets made so it is not excluded that you find yourself in it when you see what kind of luxury dispose.

The Jentle Pet design includes a generously sized bathing well, spacious shelves for shampoos and supplies, and a low-profile, rounded front for human comfort. This creative bathing vessel has been thoughtfully and ergonomically designed specifically for canine members of the family to provide a comfortable, therapeutic, safe environment for dog bathing. Movable retaining rings are supplied for convenient tethering if desired, and both a fill spout and hand shower make the bathing process easy.

Jentle Pet Spa promises a therapeutic bathing experience for your pooch
Jentle Pet Spa

For the ultimate in pet pampering and therapy, the Jentle Pet may be equipped with 5 full size point massage whirlpool jets, air volume control, a 1 bhp pump and MTI’s patented Fill Flush whirlpool cleaning system. Each point-massage jet’s direction can be adjusted, and individual jets can be shut off if desired. Whirlpool therapy is not only relaxing but also therapeutic for relieving the pain of sore muscles or arthritic conditions.

The Jentle Pet measures 48″ L x 30″ W x 25″ D and is priced starting at $1,199 as a soaker, or $1,699 plumbed with handspray, diverter, moveable tie down to $2,599 with whirlpool system and Fill Flush cleaning system. If you love your pet more than you and your family, buy them this bath because their satisfaction will mean more then money spent on this kind of luxury.

Jentle Pet Spa
Jentle Pet Spa promises a therapeutic bathing experience for your pooch

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