“Alien Ranch” In Arizona On Sale For $5 Million

"Alien Ranch" In Arizona

The property known  as the “Stardust Ranch” and the “Alien Ranch” in Arizona due to its reputation as a hotspot of alien activity has just hit the market, priced at $5 million. Its owner John Edmonds claims he contends with paranormal activity regularly at the Stardust Ranch. But now, he’s fed up with it and wants to sell his property. Edmonds told he has killed 18 extraterrestrials with a samurai sword while living in the home. He calls the aliens “greys” – meaning they fit the archetype of an alien with grey skin, a bald head, short stature and big, dark eyes.

“Alien Ranch” In Arizona

The propety was even featured on an episode of the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, where Edmonds shared a terrifying account about the time the otherworldly bastards apparently tried to steal his wife.
However, beside its possibility of persistent visits from extraterrestrials, the property boasts a ranch house with 3,500 square feet of living space with five bedrooms and four bathrooms, RV hookups, gated entry, stables, air conditioning and a large diving pool.

“Alien Ranch” In Arizona

Realtor Kimberly Gero said the reaction from interested buyers has been mixed:
“Some are very intrigued and have no issues with the history of the property, while others are absolutely scared to death about what may or may not happen to them if they should buy it.” Which group do you belong to?

“Alien Ranch” In Arizona

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