Amosu Rolex Nigeria 50th Anniversary Watch Celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Nigeria’s Independence

Amosu Rolex Nigeria 50th Anniversary Watch
Amosu Rolex Nigeria 50th Anniversary Watch

The British-Nigerian entrepreneur Alexander Amosu is well-known for his brand of luxury mobile phones and suits announced details of his luxury product designed to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of independence in Nigeria. Alexander Amosu will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Nigeria’s Independence by releasing 50 numbered custom Rolex Submariner. Each watch has been individually numbered, with the number 1 watch being reserved to be gifted to the President on the special occasion while number 2 to 10 will be customized with diamonds designed with the Nigerian coat of arms and be put up for auction.

Special attention has been paid by Alexander and his team to ensure that the watch represents Nigeria impeccably. The customization of each watch showcases the luminescent indices, Rolex logo, date wheel, bezel markings second hand and dial text in white representing the white part of the Nigerian flag. The dial text will also show the words “Nigeria Submariner” in white. The date and dial will be green to represent the green of the flag.

For ladies, There are 50 limited edition watches in a different Rolex design also commemorating Nigeria’s Golden Jubilee. Further customization is available with the use of diamonds, gold and personalization of names or company logo truly making it one of its kind. Watches 11 through to 50 can be bought from Amosu with a starting price £15,000 ($23,750).

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