An Incredibly Detailed Limited Edition LaFerrari 1:8 Scale Model

First it was Editalia, now following suit is Amalgam with an even bigger, 1:8 scaled model, of the prancing-horse brand’s most legendary makes – LaFerrari. Just like the real thing, the models are limited to only 499 units. In order to faithfully and precisely render the innovative design of LaFerrari, Amalgam will work closely with the design team, ensuring that this 1:8 scale model are detailed replica of the real supercar.


The long awaited successor to the Enzo was officially unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show. LaFerrari is the first hybrid design from Ferrari, providing the highest horsepower of any Ferrari (950bhp) while decreasing fuel consumption by 40 percent.

A diehard auto enthusiast will certainly appreciate the effort and won’t find it too much to pay £3,875 ($6,000) for one perfect LaFerrari replica.

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