Anglo-Zulu Brass War Chess Set by LittleHand

“Not all artists are Chess players, but all Chess players are artists”, said Marcel Duchamp.

Guided with this motto, LittleHand, English Artisans produce unique, limited edition cast bronze chess sets that depict notable battles in military history. Their latest creation – Anglo-Zulu War Chess Set depicts two battles of the Anglo Zulu War that took place on the same day, Wednesday 22th January 1879. They were the battles of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift. This unique chess set is hand crafted and limited to only 250 pieces.

Littlehand UK's Anglo-Zulu war chess set

Each chess piece is hand finished and individually numbered. The British King is represented by the figure of Lord Chelmsford, who was Commander in Chief of the invasion of Zululand, while the British Queen is depicted as Queen Victoria, who was the reigning British Monarch at the time of the Anglo Zulu Wars.

The Zulu King is represented by King Cetshwayo, whose name means’ ‘the slandered one’, he was King of the Zulu Nation at the time of the Anglo Zulu Wars, and the Zulu Queen is represented by Nomvimibi Msweli.

The artisans from Littlehand also proudly present their Battle of Gettysburg Chess Set, also hand crafted, limited edition, bronze chess set, which depicts the battle of Gettysburg. [BornRich]

Anglo-Zulu Brass War Chess Set by LittleHand

Anglo-Zulu Brass War Chess Set by LittleHand

Anglo-Zulu Brass War Chess Set by LittleHand

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