Aston Martin DBS From ”The Persuaders” Series At Auction

Although these cars have gained fame by appearing in the movies about secret agent James Bond, this is not the only situation in which Aston Martin playing its role. Aston Martin DBS has gained fame thanks to the series “The Persuaders“. The series that was popular in the early 70s is remembered by two things. First, by actor Roger Moore and the second by Aston Martin DBS. Moore is due to the role of the detective Brett Sinclair in the aforementioned series received a call and the opportunity to play James Bond.

Aston Martin DBS From ''The Persuaders'' Series At Auction

After completion of the recording of the series Aston Martin DBS is driven only 7,000 kilometers. The car was returned to the manufacturer and was later sold to a private owner. Workers in the British factory regularly maintained and serviced the car, so the car is in excellent working condition, and the interior is fully preserved. In mid- May, a car, which is in its best days was a common occurrence on the streets of London, will be sold at auction for a price much higher than it had 45 years ago.

Aston Martin DBS From ''The Persuaders'' Series At Auction

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