Audi A6 L e-Tron Plug-in Hybrid Sedan Unveiled at Beijing Auto Show

The Beijing Motor Show saw the unveiling of the latest in German automotive technology, Audi’s newest brainchild, the A6 L e-Tron. The company’s first luxury-class e-tron concept vehicle, the new  model is based on the long-wheelbase version of the standard A6 and uses a hybrid powertrain found under the bonnet of the A8 Hybrid. However, the e-tron concept adds a more powerful electric motor, along with e-tron qualifying plug-in hybrid technology.

Audi A6 L e-Tron 
Audi A6 L e-Tron Plug-in Hybrid Sedan

Using the same 211-horsepower, 2.0 TFSI engine used in the conventional A6 and A8 hybrid vehicles as a range extender, the Audi A6 L e-tron Concept adaptation to a plug-in hybrid motoring caused a rethink of the electric-mode hardware. Instead of the 40-kilowatt electric motor found on the A8 hybrid, the Audi A6 L e-tron Concept employs a more powerful 70-kilowatt electrical propulsion unit.

According to the company, in electric mode, the Audi A6 L e-tron concept can travel up to 80 km (49.71 miles) at a constant speed of 60 km/h (37.28 mph). At any given moment, the hybrid control module chooses the best suited operating mode with the focus on driving range. The system’s liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery cell is housed in a collision protected space in the rear of the vehicle.

Styling has been updated to differentiate it from the production model. It includes a single frame grille with horizontal chrome bars, a special rear diffuser and it is also treated to a set of 21-inch wheels with an e-tron design.

Audi A6 L e-Tron

On the inside, the tachometer has been replaced with what Audi calls a powermeter. It indicates the power of the driving system on a scale of zero to 100 percent. A dash-mounted screen tells the driver how much juice is left in the lithium-ion battery and other vital information about the car.

The A6 L e-tron concept offers a luxurious interior with improved rear legroom for greater passenger comfort. As a fully-loaded luxury vehicle, it features all the amenities you might expect from an Audi: a Bose premium sound system, ambient lighting, a touch-sensitive pad-based MMI interface that can recognize 29,000 Chinese characters, and safety features like active lane assist and night vision.

A great way to travel in luxury without burning tankards of fossil fuels, the new A6 L e-tron might pave the way for a host of eco-efficient luxury cars that could surface soon.

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