AudioMasons High-fidelity Speakers Made of Solid Stone

Wood is a preferable choice when it comes to speaker systems, but if you’re not a fan of chopping trees to make your speakers, perhaps these stone speakers by AudioMasons might be something worth checking out.

Audiomasons Stone Speakers

Stone is not only the ideal acoustic material, its also one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. As a result, these speakers can put out hi-fidelity performance better than conventional speakers that cost 3-5 times as much. Another quality of these speakers is that they are far more sustainable than the regular ones. All audiomasons products have a self-cleaning titanium nanoparticle coating, and will never stain or discolor.

The AudioMasons mainly produces three models namely Bastion, Comet and Luxs. Bastion is a three way compact flagship speaker for your high-end audio needs. Made of aluminum/titanium drivers to achieve distortion free sound, and the speakers cost around $1,750 each. Comet is a two way compact speaker that that features 7” and 1” drivers, with a frequency response of 42Hz-20kHz, and provides unprecedented clarity and range due to the solid stone housing. The speaker costs $895 per piece. Luxs is a single point audio source that allows for incredible acoustic feel. The speaker has 7 woofer system and costs $1,950 per speaker.

The company also accepts custom order to craft your dream audiophile-grade loudspeakers. And you can choose from pretty much any kind of rock: marble, granite, limestone, travertine, basalt, & more. The custom options also include choice of metal accents, inlay and upholstery. All metal parts can be lined with Itlian Cloth or Goat Skin, availble in of a variety of designer colors.

Besides these rock speakers, we have earlier also write about concrete speakers designed by Shmuel Linski. [AudioMasons]

Audiomasons Stone Speakers

Audiomasons Stone Speakers

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