Australian Vostok Space Beer – World’s First Space Beer

Vostok Space Beer

Commercial flights to space are coming soon, so many companies are competing to start developing products for the first group of space tourists. Saber Astronautics Australia teamed up with the Four Pines Brewing Company to develop the very first beer that can be consumed safely in space. Vostok Space Beer was flight tested on 26 February 2011 and is meant for everyone to enjoy.

What makes Vostok beer so special is due to the zero gravity atmosphere in space, the carbonation in beer won’t form, hence these geniuses have created a Space Beer to counter that. Vostok Space Beer uses a stout base with enhanced flavours as tastebuds are numbed when in space.

Jaron Mitchell, the founder of Four Pines, said the creation of space beer was an event for the history books. Wherever humans have journeyed or conquest to throughout history in the last few thousand years, we first worry about water, food, shelter and clothing. In many cases beer is the next consideration soon after the above four, he told

It’s already being retailed at some outlets in Australia and we’re hoping every 6-pack comes with a light saber. Those lucky one who are in Sidney can taste Vostok beer and find out the price during event Fancy Dress Party & Vostok Space Beer Tasting on April 12 at 4-Pines Brewery & Pub. [Vostok Space Beer]

Vostok Space Beer
Vostok Space Beer

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