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Guerlain Royal Extract Limited Edition Collaboration with Harrods

Guerlain Royal Extract Limited Edition Collaboration with Harrods

Guerlain is the famous French perfume house founded by Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain in 1828. This house produce a lot of very commercial fragrances in last years, some of which are very beautiful limited editions and collectables. Such one example is Guerlain Royal Extract – limited edition collaboration with Harrods. Its name is a tribute to […]

Ann Lurie’s Mansion in Chicago Without Side Yard on Sale for $15 Million

Ann Lurie's Mansion in Chicago Without Side Yard on Sale for $15 Million

Ten months ago philanthropist Ann Lurie offered her mansion in Chicago for $18,75 million. It was the most expensive single family home ever listed in Chicago. But now, she changed her mind and her mansion is being offered without side yard, thus the price is lowered to $15 million. “This makes the house more approachable” […]

Shangri-La’s New Hotel in Lhasa Opened Its Doors

Shangri-La Hotel, Lhasa Now Open in Tibet

Shangri-La’s new hotel in Lhasa, the largest five-star hotel in the plateau city, was opened on Thursday. Set in the administrative capital of Tibet, circled by the Himalayan mountains, this new urban retreat has 289 rooms (262 luxurious guestrooms and 17 expansive suites). Upon arrival, guests are welcomed with an offering of hada, a traditional […]

Take a Tour of HGTV’s Smart Home in Nashville

Enter to Win the Million-Dollar High-Tech 2014 HGTV Smart Home in Nashville

Smart comes in many shapes and forms, from high-tech features to creative use of space. But HGTV’s Smart Home is something special. The home style draws inspiration from 16th-century Tudor homes that dot the English countryside in Duncanwood Reserve in the desirable Green Hills area of Nashville, Tenn. What is best of all, HGTV viewers […]

Last Drop Launches 50 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky

The Last Drop 50 Year Old Whiskey Is Worth $4,000 Till The Last Drop

The Last Drop Distillers, smallest member by far of the powerful Scotch Whisky Association, has launched its latest selection. They have released just two other bottles (a Cognac and another Scotch) to date in their line of limited-edition sips. But now, the folks from the Last Drops delighted us with 50-year-old whiskey. It was originally […]

Monique Pean Fossilized Woolly Mammoth And White Diamond Collar Necklace

Monique Péan's Woolly Mammoth & Dinosaur Bone Necklace Is More Eco-Friendly Than You Might Think

Monique Pean fine jewelry is proof that beautiful baubles can be stunning and sustainable. Monique’s unique outlook on life and design has afforded her accolades and awards the world over, in addition to creating pieces that are innovative, refined, and sustainable; one of her hallmarks being fossilized wooly mammoth and fossilized walrus ivory. This time […]

Explore the Beauty of Perú by Private Plane

Travcoa Celebrates 60th Birthday With 10-Day Trip Around Peru by Private Plane

Travcoa, a world leader in luxury travel, is marking its 60th Anniversary year with an extraordinary journey to explore the beaty of Perú. Travelers will have a chance to learn the history of Perú from Pre-Incan through Colonial times, all by traveling aboard a richly-appointed private plane. During the 10-day journey, travelers will explore the […]