Baccarat New Tulip-shaped Wine Glass Protects the Delicate Aroma of the Wine

Wine tasting is work of art for all connoisseur of this drink of the God. During the act of drinking wine everything is evaluated, the grape, the vintage and consistency, but maybe most important is wine glass, especially at first sip. Appreciating all components of quality wine tasting, renowned French glassmaker, Baccarat has designed a new line of glasses for which it claims really heightens that experience.

The tulip-shaped glass, with a broad base and sloping sides prevents the alcohol from overpowering the aroma of wine when the glass is swirled. According to Baccarat, this new design prevents, or definitely limits the process when the large scale swirling movement of the wine glass oxidizes the wine and burns off the delicate aromas.

“People tend to confuse good wine with alcohol in wine, which is not what we want. The most important thing is to control the alcohol. What we did with the Baccarat glasses, Chateau Baccarat, is to rediscover this old message, to restore the balance between the fire and the water,”said Bruno Queniouxc, Technical Adviser, Chateau Baccarat.

The glasses went on sale in France earlier this year and are now being sold in Hong Kong, which has emerged as Asia’s wine drinking capital and a regional hub for the trade. Price of $116, entirely appropriate for the purpose.

“This is revolutionary. This is a design that is geared towards revealing the wine,” said Baccarat general manager for Greater China Francois Mainetti yesterday.

The balance between the alcohol and the aroma in wine is as important as yin and yang in Chinese philosophy, he said.

“It’s just like a balance between fire and water, the glass balances the fire that comes from the alcohol and the aroma in the water component,” Mainetti said. [Baccarat]

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