Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve – a Seasonal Offering for Years to Come

Ballantine's Christmas Reserve
Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve

The coming holiday season will see a very large sale in this segment as it makes for a great time to bring your friends and family a bottle of the good stuff. Ballantine’s, however, is taking it a step further with its new Christmas Reserve. According to Ballantine’s, the blend has seasonal notes and luxury Christmas aromas such as sweet wood, dried fruit, raisins and cinnamon. The aromas have been added not just to differentiate the drink but to enhance the consumer’s experience.

In a move away from Ballantine’s traditional blue packaging, the Christmas Reserve is presented in a white card box, decorated with white snowflakes and golden foil.

Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve hits European markets this month, and is slated to become a seasonal offering for years to come.

Ballantine's Christmas Reserve
Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve

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