Barack Obama’s Limo Cost $1.5Million

Presidential limousine in which rides Barack Obama is one of the safest vehicles of its kind. Security must have a price, and in this special case it is the Cadillac of 1.5 million dollars. Presented in 2009 at the beginning of Obama’s first term, the presidential limousine popularly called the “beast” was made in 12 copies in the Department of Research and Development of General Motors in Detroit. In the President’s Secret Service car is described as, a truck that looks like a coupe.

Barack Obama's Limo Cost $1.5Million

Beast” is exaggerated in any way, starting with a mass of approximately 7 tons, over consumption which exceeding 60 l/60mph, and the thickness of the protective panels and windows. Shield thickness on the door is 20, a glass of 13 cm, and the fuel tank has its own armor to prevent to be broken in the event of an attack on a vehicle. The car is equipped with an automatic fire alarm system, night vision camera, which is located on the front of limousine and special locking mechanism to prevent any penetration into the vehicle.

Barack Obama's Limo Cost $1.5Million

Cabin of the Cadillac, which is powered by a V8 engine, is protected in the event of an attack with chemical weapons. Despite all this, it happened that the “beast” fails when it comes to some simple things. The last such case to be reported in the media occurred during the visit of U.S. president to Israel in March 2013.

Barack Obama's Limo Cost $1.5Million

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