Baton Perreira Sunglasses Jeweled with Lugano Diamonds to Style up and Protect Your Precious Eyes

World-renowned jeweler Lugano Diamonds has come out with a new set of sunglasses designed by Barton Perriera that feature frames inlaid with clear and colored diamonds.

Baton Perreira - Lugano Diamonds "Leopard" Sunglasses

Above is my favorite sunglasses, inspired by the leopard prints and the frame studded with a total of 3.59 carat diamonds. This chic eyewear range will be available in leopard prints of brown, fancy intense yellow and black diamonds. Next in collection is Pink Sunglasses, with pink lenses, gold frame, and 2.85 carats of fancy pink diamonds and also a pretty purple version with 1.7 carats COLL VS diamonds. Sunglasses priced at about $27,000 each.

Barton Perreira have an exclusive deal with Lugano diamonds for this year to makes all of the pieces in the Jeweled collection and it only adds to their value. Lugano diamonds is an international jeweler focusing on specialized pieces. They are well known in California among fine jewelers and are the perfect match for Barton Perriera.

Baton Perreira - Lugano Diamonds "Pink" Sunglasses

Baton Perreira - Lugano Diamonds "Purple" Sunglasses

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