Berlin Wall Cigar from Hammer + Sickle Offers Authentic Experience to the Cigar’s Aficionado

Hammer+Sickle - Berlin Wall Cigar
Hammer+Sickle – Berlin Wall Cigar

Plenty of new products being announced the next week’s, cigar industry’s major annual convention in New Orleans. From lifestyle brand Hammer + Sickle, which includes both vodka and cigars, look for the Berlin Wall cigar to be introduced.

The cigar will deliver a complex and powerful interplay of wood, spice and leather flavors with an earthiness reminiscent of pre-embargo era Cuban offerings. The Berlin Wall cigar is rich, flavorful and medium-bodied, according to a statement by the company. As a company, we would not be here without the fall of the Berlin Wall and the way it significantly transformed U.S. – Russian political and industrial relations, stated Eric P. Hanson, Chairman of Klin Spirits, owner and importer of Hammer + Sickle Vodka.

Berlin Wall Cigar will be packaged in a handmade marble box, first in the cigar industry.

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