Blanc 5 Infinity Spa – Fully Portable Overflow Spa

If you’re looking to luxuriously soak off the stress of a long day, the Blanc 5 Infinity Spa allows for lounging in literally limitless amounts of steamy aqua. Built with quality materials and cutting edge design, Blanc 5 is the epitome in luxury portable spas. The ergonomic seating design enables users to glide around flawlessly in the spa.

Blanc 5 Infinity Spa - Fully Portable Overflow Spa
The Blanc 5 Infinity Spa Sends Luxury and Relaxation Over the Edge

This splashy spa contains three seats, two loungers, and delivers a soothing hydro-massage fluidly with 30 power-flow jets and 14 miniature power-flow jets. When submersed, you get the fancy feeling like you’re in an infinity pool that lets water cascade over the walls. The tub also releases health-friendly natural chlorine.

The shell of Blanc 5 is the only spa in the world built with fiber glass used for the construction of high performance yachts. Spa Design, an affiliate company of Alventi Outdoor Spa, works in conjunction with a Dutch firm specialized in the construction of racing boats.

The infinity spa has also been equipped with high tech accessories such as a Bluetooth entertainment system that uses transducers instead of speakers to produce sound.  In scientific terms, a transducer transfers energy. In wow-factor speak, this device enables the spa on its own to emit sound superbly without any speakers visible. Additionally, it features a programmable, LED chromatherapeutic lighting system, for late-night sessions in the soaker of exclusivity.

The price of a Blanc 5 Infinity Spa with all the options included is around $38,000, but there are some technical details that would be best to clarify with the manufacturer. [Blanc 5 Infinity Spa]

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