BMW ”i” Lines of Accessories

After the successful launch of the i3 and i8 collection, BMW has launch another line of lifestyle accessories based on the ”i” brand. Named “BMW i collection” this line of accessories is eco friendly character, which marked the vision of the Bavarian automaker. In contrast to ordinary collections of accessories that launch luxury car manufacturers, BMW “i” is a collection of premium everyday items.


Items from BMW “i” collections such as urban mega, shopper handbags, laptop and notebook are made from sustainable and modern materials, including leather and fabric like felt. BMW “i” notebook comes complete with a BMW “i” pen, and all objects are highlighted in blue and with BMW sign. Other items from this BMW “i” collection includes matte aluminum 16GB USB, BMW “i” solar charger that can be used for MP3 players and mobile phones, as well as the BMW “i” key rings. This luxury “i” edition accessories is on sale from October 2013 onwards.

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