Body Shaped Aquanatass Shower Changing the Daily Ritual of Bathing

You’ll never have to shower alone again.

Body Shaped Aquanatass Shower
Body Shaped Aquanatass Shower

The Aquanatass is a new sculptural shower shaped like the human form created for Bagno Sasso by sculptor and artist Hubert Rieber. Standing almost six and a half feet tall, Rieber’s shower is shaped like a person, that shoots water from its mouth and head, and gives you something to hang onto while you get clean. These hand-made, limited-edition sculptures are executed in high-end materials like bronze, aluminum and wood, ensuring that their look is as stunning as their feel.

Wash yourself in pure luxury with Aquanatass shower so you can really bring out your exhibitionist side and get dirty while getting clean.

[Source: Aquanatass]

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