Bovet Fleurier Amadeo Watch Collection – Easily Convertible Timepieces

Bovet’s quest to transform the Bovet pocket watch on the wrist back into a pocket watch began years ago, when Mr. Raffy wanted to make his timepieces better suit the lifestyle of their owners.More than seven years of research later, and the Amadeo concept is the result. The Amadeo is a unique patented system that allows the Bovet timepiece to be used as a wristwatch, a pocket watch, a table clock and much more.

BOVET Fleurier Amadeo 43mm Classic

Now, with no tools, the Bovet timepiece can be used in eight different ways:

* As a wristwatch

* As a pocket watch

* As a table clock

* As a pendant watch

* As a kimono watch

* As a brooch watch

* As a dashboard watch

* As a reversible wristwatch

BOVET Fleurier Amadeo Butterfly Tourbillon

What is more, for an additional price of 2000 Swiss francs ($1,870), Bovet also offers dial personalization through custom miniature dial paintings. The luxurious watch chain accompanying this transformable watch echoes the brands classic design style.

The convertible version of any Fleurier timepiece is only 1,000 Swiss francs ($935) above the watch’s retail. A beautiful range, its versatility and flexibility will surely appeal to watch lovers across the globe.

BOVET Fleurier Amadeo 7 Day Tourbillon with Double Time Zone ''Orbis Mundi''
BOVET Fleurier Amadeo Tourbillon Double Sided Ttime Indication Miniature Painting Tiger

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