Brand New eBike – Gulas Pi1

Gulas Pi1

What do you think about pedaling on a motorcycle? Here is a new motorised vehicle that lets you exercise while riding und using it. The designer Stefan Gulas has managed to combine a bicycle and a motorcycle into one fast electric bike which can reach reach 115 km/h downhill, without slope about 80 km/h on average and 125cc.
Simply dubbed Gulas Pi1, this vehicle looks like a motorcycle at first glance but by the time we see the pedals and everything changes.

Gulas Pi1

In addition to the speed which can’t be achieved on bicycle, it also weights 128 kg thanks to the engine and the battery. Like all other vehicles in its category, it requires a helmet and possession of an A or B driving license with more than three years old (in Spain), although you are actually using a bicycle.
This urban two-wheeler also shares many bicycle characteristics such as: bicycles are noiseless so is the Gulas Pi1; bicycles do not emit any pollution, so does the Gulas bike (at least locally and if you charge it sustainably).

Gulas Pi1

When talking about power, through the enormous power of the electric motor, the rider thinks she has supernatural power in her legs. Driving pleasure: riding on roads and having the feeling of being Superman with super human power.
The Gulas Pi1 will come with two different battery choices (6.5 kWh and 10kWh) and various other customization options – from upholstery material to a luggage rack, a custom frame color, and many other goodies. If we talk about price, the model of 6.5 kWh is sold for €23,400.90, while the model of 10 kWh for €29,181.70.

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  1. Alex: misfortune in taking this froma different source of not investigating. it is not a brand new Name it is a COPIE from what i saw in 2012 already in Berlin/Germany. Check the Name Gulas and you wil surprise…millions lost and a new bike in the
    Name of owner now…comeone lets be serious here..this stinks

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